New Galaxy Old Star

New Galaxy Old Star

This E-commerce store is all in the stars. It is a quick demo store containing products, drop out menu, quick navigation menu, and a logo to match with the bottoms so you never miss the theme of the store itself! It contains a nice layout of pictures in the index page or the “main'' page. The store provides a couple of testimonials, with some Instagram picture posts to tie it all together! The product page has a filter menu which allows it to become easily accessible for your needs. As you click on the product itself, you will be greeted with reviews, descriptions, and a mini menu for color or your preferred currency. Moreover, the store can be easily linked with your social media account through the share button. The checkout is precise and clean with a simple background that matches the theme of the store. Lastly, the footer has a navigation menu so customers can easily access the page that is needed, as fast as possible

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